Making visas easy since 1999

Simpler, clearer, more efficient and approachable

Way back in 1999, Scott Mathieson and Hayley Roberts were a couple of globetrotting entrepreneurs who woke up one day to a stark realisation: visas are a major hassle! Meanwhile, somebody invented the internet and behold! We’ve been helping people from all over the world get to Australia ever since.

It’s no joke. There are literally hundreds of variables in any visa application and any one of them can trip you up. It’s a time­wasting money drain and you owe it to yourself to get all the help you can. So call on us.

We are experts

We’ve had thousands and thousands of visas approved since 1999. Nobody’s been doing it longer in New Zealand. We’ve seen it all, and we still lead from the front.
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We are licenced

The Government takes this seriously, and so do we. We know visas inside and out. We know the law like the back of our hand. And we apply our expertise with the highest level of ethics. And guess what? the Government agrees.

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We get you

You’re a person, not a number. Every member of our team is a migrant, so we know what you’re going through. And we can discuss that with you in: Afrikaans, English, Filipino, Farsi, Hindi, Mandarin, Malay.

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We are honest

We tell it how it is, so you can make the best decisions. We don’t waste time on up-sells that won’t benefit you. We just give you our clear, detailed and expert opinion on your chances of getting the visa you want. And how to go about getting it.

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You’ll save money

We assess your circumstances at the very beginning in thorough detail and total confidence. This will give you clarity right from the start and may save you thousands of dollars down the track. Check it out.
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